Text Response: Stand By Me Directed By Robert Rayner

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‘Stand by Me’ Text Response
‘Stand by Me’ directed by Robert Rayner, is a film about Gordon Lachance recollecting on a journey with his three friends when he was younger because of the death of his friend Chris Chambers. ‘Stand by Me’ is a film about devotion, what enchained the four youths was that they provided a purpose in each other because they were outcasts in their town and their family. Death was a very prevalent theme throughout the film, Teddy’s Dad who isn’t dead but is no longer in Teddy’s life significantly plays a part in the child’s behaviour. Dennis’ Death in a car accident made Gordy changed his personality drastically and getting over Dennies death is a majority of the film. The mission to find Ray Browers was the main plot
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With all the evidence throughout the film the viewer would see that Teddy’s Dad had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), people at the time would not know what the disorder was nor, how to treat it, so they threw him into an asylum and never thought about what was wrong. People around the area of Castle Rock knew about this and evidence provided for this is when the lads were at the junkyard and the man there said, “Your Fathers as crazy as a shit house rat,” and “your dad is a loony.” This was taken to get offence to this saying, “my dad stormed the beaches at Normandy.” This is strange because Teddy was nearly killed by his father, yet he still cares for him. The other boys console Teddy from the abusive words of the man, uniting them together in Teddy’s …show more content…
The theme of Death is a major part of the film, Teddy’s Dad who left Teddy’s life because he was mentally unwell, Dennies’ Death was horrible for Gordy and Chris imparted in this Gordy and became better friend amid death, and the Journey to find Ray Brower had different thoughts from the boys, some making them closer. The film ‘Stand by Me’ is about friendship and growing up, and all the boys have is each other, good thing they presented their troubles before their souls and minds turned to dust, leaving husks of boys behind, only the dark thoughts of abandonment covering

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