Text Analysis Essay Writing

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The most important thing is that you answer the question or task requirements.
This requires remaining on point and ensuring that everything you include in your essay contributes to your reader’s/marker’s understanding of your main point/thesis.
In every text analysis essay you are essentially being asked to comment on the literary techniques that are used to portray a theme/idea in a certain way.
This means analysing the stylistic language choices that the author made to establish a particular tone and present the theme(s)/idea(s) to impact the audience in a particular way.
Thus, the inter-relationship between author, text, and reader is what you need to look at.

You need to
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This might include comments about the setting, protagonist(s), central theme(s), literary techniques etc.
Question or task sentence. Highlight the ‘active’ parts of your question or task, the main bits you need to focus on to fulfil the requirements of the task. Explain how you intend to address these parts in the order you intend to analyse them in.
Aim to have around three main points that you intend to elaborate on in the main body of your essay. These should be stated in the order in which you intend to address them in your essay.
Evidence and explanation sentence. This must be brief!

Thesis sentence. Reinforce the main ideas and allude the overall conclusion you intend to reach at the end of your essay.

A useful rule of thumb is: an introduction should be no shorter than one-twelfth and no longer than one-tenth of the total assignment. If the word limit is 1, 000 words, your introduction is going to be around 120 words.

TOPIC – what theme or idea is the paragraph about? Make sure you begin with your most convincing argument or point first.

ELABORATE – provide additional explanation / relevant information pertinent to the theme or idea. EVIDENCE – provide example(s) of the techniques used by the author to illustrate/comment on/depict/portray the theme or idea. Include direct quotations that are fully integrated into

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