Texas Rangers Essay

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Chapter 2 The Genesis

Bernhard hoesli and the Process of Design

It is the spring of 1982;the venue,the auditorium of the School of Architectre,University of Texas at Arlington.Bernhard Hoesli is speaking to a capacity crowd;his first lecture in Texas since his departure from Austin in the summer of 1957. I have arrived late, having driven the 350miles from San Antonio to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.Though there is a substantial contingent of young architecture students for whom the lecture is only one of a series,glancing around I reacquaint myself with the older faces;the balding,graying heads in the hall----Duane Landry and Jane Lorenz Landry,Bill Odum,Bill Booziotes,Rik Mcbride,and many,many others---all former students of his,and
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*2. In “Texas and Mrs.Harris”Rowe,the consummate observer,speculates on the significance of a photograph of Hoesli:“In Corbus’s Oeuvre Complete,1946-52 ,page 9, there is a picture of him sort of en profile perdu.The occasion is Picasso’s visit to the Unite at Marseilles;and while down among the Pilotis,Picasso stands,stumpy and impassive,at center stage;and to the right (looking rather like an angel from some quattrocento Annunciation),Corbu gesticulates,in left foreground and looking toward the masters,one will discover Bernhard ;so,perhaps significantly he is the only person in the group to be wearing a jacket. ”

sort of scientific curriculum.However(and this shows his complex personality),he always seemed to have the feeling that the opposite orientation---a curriculum based upon the liberal arts(literature,history,art)---would have somehow suited him better!*1 The tension between a scientific,mathematical back-ground and a historical-artistic predisposition formed the antipodes of Hoesli's professional career,As we shall see,they

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