Texas A & M University Essay

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What does The Big Event represent to you and why is it something you want to be a part of? In my opinion, The Big Event represent an organization of community which means that the organization itself was built from community, in this case I believe that Texas A&M University is part of the community, and the purpose is for the community that we are part of it. Therefore, The Big Event represent an organization from the community for the community. The Big Event is also represent love, kindness, and sincere for the community, it is such a wonderful organization for people to expresses their gratitude and appreciation toward the community. This is an organization that I want to be part of not just because I want to be one of the people who make The Big Event happens and I would like to involve more in. It is not just a volunteering organization to me, but it is something I would love to do to give back to what I have been receiving from this community. It is something I am passionate about because I love helping people, no matter of their sex, race, or social status. I believe that everyone has equal right to be able to give and receive to one another. This may not come in place of money, but it can come in a way of volunteering. This is an opportunity for me and everyone else to show our love to the community and to let them know that we care that we are part of the community that we are belong here.

Please describe a time when you have experienced the importance of selfless…

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