Testing Is The Anxiety And Stress It Causes For Students And Teachers

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Assessment Today In today’s classrooms, assessments are used regularly in a variety of manners. Educators use formative and summative assessments, standardized assessments, progress monitoring assessments, benchmark assessments, and grade specific assessments to check for understanding, determine present levels, measure growth or mastery, and guide and plan instruction according to students’ results. However, there are disadvantages to using assessments, such as, anxiety for students, teachers only teaching to the test, and time consuming. One of the disadvantages to testing is the anxiety and stress it causes for students and teachers. Summative assessments, benchmark assessments, and standardized assessments can cause a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety on students because of the vast amount of information compiles in the assessment in a variety of forms, as well as the time restraints. Students may feel rushed or pressured to complete the assessments in a given amount of time that they are unable to focus on the content of the test. Other students may feel nervous about the number of questions compiled in the assessment. On the other hand, teachers are stressed because standardized testing reflects on their evaluations of effectiveness. Teachers do not get a second chance to have their students retake the tests. Standardized tests are given in a specified amount of time on a specific day, regardless of environmental factors that may be affecting the students…

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