Testing Can Be Defined Within Multiple Facets Essay

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The purpose of testing can be defined in multiple facets. Blatantly, testing is done in an educational setting to check for understanding. A teacher tests their students to confirm that learning has taken place. Although, testing is so much more than that. Billings (2011) states, “the problem with today’s testing movement does not lie with the test itself” (p. 211). A valid and reliable test is an admirable way to measure part of the accountability of an educator. He argues that that the problem with tests is that, “tests are rushed through just for the sake of a score and then linked to high stakes” (p.211). Today, testing is one of the many forms of assessment, these forms will be discussed briefly later. Predominantly in today’s public school, testing carries much more weight than just a grade. Personally I believe, testing should focus on three major aspects of education. First, simply, testing identifies what students have learned. Students learning styles are addressed throughout instruction by the educator and students display their understanding of the content on a test. Second, testing highlights the strengths and weaknesses in learning practices from the student, and teaching practices from the instructor. By highlighting strengths and weaknesses, teachers identify different ways of presenting content, or even different ways of assessing for understanding, rather than just a test. Third, testing is completed to measure the effectives of teachers and schools as a…

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