Testing And Professional Interaction Between Adolescent Patient And Healthcare Provider

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Case Summary
Savannah is a 16-year-old healthy student female who came with her mother for a routine pre-participation softball sports exam. The visit is to promote and establish professional interaction between adolescent patient and healthcare provider. The immunizations are up-to-date and an interview conducted. Unfortunately, during the assessment was revealed that Savannah is engaging in unprotected sex. Therefore, counseling for birth control was given, and Savannah scheduled to return for Depo-Provera, a pelvic exam, and a chlamydia test. Two weeks later, Savannah returns to the clinic and reports that her menstrual cycle is five weeks late since her last menstrual period. Furthermore, she states that she has had morning sickness, breast tenderness, and fatigue. Urine pregnancy test was completed and it was positive. She received counseling, due to unintended pregnancy. A week later, Savannah returns to the clinic with complained of vaginal bleeding. Ultrasound shows a left ovarian cyst, but not a baby grow in the uterus. However, ten days later, Savannah medical conditions deteriorated, and she presents to the emergency with vaginal bleeding and pain. Pelvic examination revealed that cervical is dilated as well as accumulate blood in the vaginal canal. Furthermore, no fetus heartbeat was detected on ultrasound; consequently, the inevitable abortion was managed accordingly to the circumstances.
Social History Savannah is a student, who participates on softball…

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