Testing And Cognitive Reasoning Ability Essay

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Participants There were 90 participants (49 women and 41 men) in this study ranging in age. Participants were asked to take part in a study to test their cognitive reasoning ability.
Participants were asked to complete a total of two surveys and an anagram task. In the first survey, participants were asked to answer ten questions that measured their global feelings about themselves. Participants were then randomly assigned to complete either an “easy” or “difficult” anagram task. They were given five minutes to complete as many of the twenty listed anagrams as possible. Finally, participants were asked to complete a second survey in which they reported how many anagrams they completed and their mood directly following the completion of the anagram task. There was no time limit imposed for either of the surveys.
Self-esteem. In the first survey, we used Rosenberg’s (1965) 10-item self-esteem scale, which taps into each person’s global self-evaluations (i.e., “On a while, I am satisfied with myself”). Participants responded to each statement using a 7-point scale (1 = disagree very much, 7 = agree very much). Negative items were reverse scored so that lower scores indicated lower self-esteem. After rescoring each item, the participants’ self-esteem was calculated by summing together all ten items and taking the average. A median split was then made to group participants into either the low or high self-esteem category.
Task difficulty. The participants…

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