Testing Accommodations For English Language Learners Essay

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Field Experience Paper
In the school district, that I am interning for this semester, no longer does FCAT or FAIR testing. Instead, they have replaced the test which is now called FSA. FSA is the same test as FCAT and FAIR test. The only difference is that the questions have been worded differently according to some of the teachers here that I work with. Since it is the beginning of the year, students have not taken this test yet. I will say that my cooperating teacher did have a conversation about are ELLs taking standardized tests. According to research report by "College Board" called "Testing Accommodations for English Language Learners: A Review of State and District Policies" discourses that an aide is to read the passage, the questions, and the answers. ELL students are to be tested out of the room of other ELL students. ELL students are able to have an English dictionary while they are testing. They also get extended time in order for them to finish their test. In my opinion, I think this is unfair for the ELL students and I 'll explain why. The ESOL program where I work at, pulls students every day for thirty minutes. Thirty minutes a day is not enough to help our ELL students. By the time they get to the classroom and settle down to work, they have about fifteen minutes of instructional time. This is not enough time to prepare our ELL students to be successful on these tests. The only solution that I think would be effective is the ESOL program to be more…

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