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Relational Lenses

Relational family nursing can be broken down 3 categories. First of all clients and people in general are relational by nature. Second, clients and their experiences are interconnected. Lastly, clients act and react in different ways in different situations. In order to assist in making sense of my world, a group of lenses have been created to clarify perspectives. Mindfulness of the lenses allows me to see leverage our cognitive abilities to help understand the client and family. The three lenses can be categorized into a hermeneutic/phenomenological lens, critical lens, and spiritual lens.
The first of the three lenses is the hermeneutic/phenomenology lens. This lens uses the idea that context plays an important
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The feminist lens focuses on gender and how gender influences power within society. The postcolonial lens exposes eurocentric social norms that society has adhered which undermine and encompass racial superiority against indigenous and other cultures. The last perspective in the critical lens is the poststructural lens. This lens focuses on how language shapes experience and gender in our society.
The last lens is the spiritual lens. Of all the lenses, spirituality deals with the search for meaning. This lens does not focus on empirical senses, rather it focuses on what is in your heart, and fuels inner desires and poses questions such as “what do you set your heart on?”(Doane & Varcoe, 2005, p. 80). In using spirituality to give understanding or coherence in life, I am better served to understand my own core beliefs that direct my entire knowledge and perception of what I see is real.
In understanding the lenses, I will focus on a character named Becky in the documentary called “Bevelled up”. Becky is a women and mother with an addiction problem. She is one of the central characters who face trials/tribulations with their addiction and how the street nurses interact in order to provide the best care possible. Becky experience reveals the three lenses, Hermeneutic/Phenomonology, critical, and spiritual within the documentary.
Hermeneutic/Phenomonological lens
Becky encounters the Hermeneutic/Phenomological lens when she describes her

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