Oscilloscope Response Paper

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The experimenters followed their experimentation with analysis of the data obtained. The experimenters first contemplated the applicability of the Probe Comp test signal to biological systems. The experimenters reasoned that the test signal was not an effective description of a biological system because the test signal did not exhibit the noise present in biological systems. While considering the observations of the oscilloscope and biological systems, the experimenters considered which settings on the oscilloscope with regard to the gain of both the probe and the oscilloscope that would be most effective in observing biological signals. Through their considerations, the experimenters concluded that the most effective settings would be 1x on the probe and 10x on the oscilloscope because (1) the experimenters reasoned that the signals obtained from biological systems would be of a low voltage and may be hidden in significant biological …show more content…
That being said, the experimenters noted some values to be inconsistent with the accepted values, namely the values obtained for the CMRR of each amplifier, as the CMRR values were significantly lower than the accepted values, and the CMRR value for the instrumentation amplifier was less than the CMRR value for the differential gain amplifier, as the converse is supposed to be true. The experimenters believed that equipment capabilities or noise in the environment and circuit may have contributed to the inconsistency of the data collected to the accepted values. The experiment could be performed in a Faraday cage, as such a device would diminish the noise observed by the experimenters as originating from both the oscilloscope and themselves. Further investigation may also be required to ascertain the source of this

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