Test Paper: Questions on Issues and Practices in Human Resource Management

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Spring 2015 (HRMD 610)

Test #2 (30% of the Course Grade) Instructions (read all carefully). 1. Please work alone; this is not a group assignment. Test 1 must be submitted to your assignment folder by 11:59 pm EST, Tuesday, March 17th. Start early!
2. LEO time governs. The university late penalty is 10 points per day late. The late penalty applies even 1 minute after the due date and time.
3. Please submit your answers only in a Word document to your individual student folder. Having the answers only makes it easier for me to grade.
4. Please be sure you have submitted the Word document you intended; posting the wrong document may cause you to be penalized, especially if it is late. Please, please double-check by opening
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12. One of the characteristics of the most effective training practices is:
A. training starts at the bottom of the organization.
B. little time is spent assessing training needs. C. training is evaluated by checking participant reactions.
D. training is part of the corporate culture.

13. Yes or No. Jill, the owner of a construction business, says her construction crew will not work if she hires Hispanic crew members, so Jill does not do so. Is this a defense to a Title VII action?

14. Which, if any, of the following scenarios would support an employee’s claim of discrimination on the basis of national origin? Answer Yes or No to each part.

a. The owner of a large US staffing agency that does 100% of its business with US companies refuses employment to a Korean woman applying for a receptionist position although she speaks perfect English albeit with a very thick, hard to understand Korean accent.

b. An Indian restaurant seeks to fill a wait staff position. The advertisement requests applications from qualified individuals of Indian descent in order to add to the authenticity of the restaurant. In the past, the restaurant found that its business declined when it used Caucasian waitresses as the atmosphere of the restaurant

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