Tessellations Essays

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Jessie & Sheena

Tessellation comes from the Latin word “tessella” which is a small stone or piece of glass used to make mosaics. Tessella means small square and is usually referred to as a tile. A tesselation is a 2 dimensional tiled plane with no overlaps or gaps. Tessellations can be found in the form of art, nature and best known for tiling floors. Throughout the essay we will be discussing the mathematics behind tessellations, the creator, Escher and how he manipulated them into works of art as well as Penrose Tilings introduced by Roger Penrose and how he brought a new twist to tessellations.
Math Behind Tessellations
In order to
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Figure 5. Examples of the Original Pentagonal Penrose Tiling

The second type of Penrose Tiling uses quadrilaterals that resemble a kite and dart. Both shapes resemble a rhombus but both shapes are made up of two triangles called Robinson Triangles that are also known as the “Golden alled Robinson Triangles that are also known as the " of two trianglesTriangle”. The “Kite” is a quadrilateral with angles 72, 72, 72, and 144 degrees. The Rhombus can be cut in half to form

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