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1.Explain why is it more important to have a clear idea of learner's needs in Business TESOL than in General English?
2.Describe the difference between an organization’s need and the cognitive needs of an individual?
3.Why is it important to consider the learners' cultural background and interest when planning a class?
4.How can online sources and other electronic tools play important roles when designing and delivering a business class?
5.How can the lexical method be used to teach grammar points with business vocabulary in context. Give an example of this approach.
6.Prepare a lesson plan for business learners interested in learning about the use of the capital letters in English. Give an example of an online source that you would
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Key Achievements:
Collaborated with other program administrators and IT staff overseeing the contract to develop reports that corresponded with the specific requirements for that individual client.
Helped facilitate 2nd-time renewal of high-profile contract after the initial contract.

Bachelor of Business Management
Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

Assets are a resource of money value such as stocks, bonds, real estate and cash.
Annual Return
The percentage of change in net asset value over a year's time, assuming reinvestment of distribution such as dividend payment and bonuses.
Average Maturity
Average time to maturity of all fixed-period investments in the portfolio of a scheme.
An increase in an investment's value.
A broker is a licensed person authorized to receive commissions. Brokers are always affiliated with a brokerage company, or broker-dealer network. He is basically a salesman who sells stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.
Capital Market
A market where debt or equity securities are traded.
Call money
Money, which is, loaned in the call market, which can be demanded for repayment on call, which basically means immediately. The term call money is also known as money at short notice as it is repayable in 24 hours. It is also traded in the money market.
Interest rate on a debt security that the issuer promises to pay to the holder until

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