Tesla 's Production Of Batteries Essay

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Some organizations grow big with time, most of them grow with time because it always takes time to develop an organizational structure and establish a permanent industrial setup, but some industries just grow within a couple of decades. Tesla is one of them. Like all the big business firms and industries, it took only 19 years to compete with the local and international market demands and made a strong position among all the fellow competitors. The company came into existence in the year 1996. Tesla is an American company that designs cars, heaters and rechargeable lithium ion batteries. But here we will focus on the production of batteries. Its setup and research center is located in Connecticut, United States and England and France.
The specialty of Tesla’s machines is that they do not require any unnecessary consumables or filter removals, they are light in weight and are very handy and have high performance and efficiency, have a longer service life as compared to other companies electronic devices and tools.
Founder of the Company:
Tesla came into existence due to the personal discomfort of the owner with the small service duration of the rechargeable batteries used for power saving and house hold applications. So it gave him the idea of making batteries with longer performance duration. The owner of the company himself is an inventor and industrial designer.

Resource Analysis of the Company:
Knowledge and Information:
Tesla is technology based…

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