Tesla Swot Analysis Essay

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The Tesla Motors, Inc. has dominated the automotive business in the U.S. The long-term profit for the Tesla can be maintained since the company has several strength that are portrayed in the SWOT analysis. However, Tesla uses various strategies to cope up with the global market competition as suggested by the SWOT analysis. Moreover, the global market has continued to expand, and this has favored Tesla since it manufactures electrical cars. The growth of the business/firm and the international competitiveness of Tesla can be achieved if the weakness identified by the SWOT analysis is addressed.
Tesla’s Strengths (Internal Strategic Factors)
The organization improvement and growth are contributed by the internal strategies that are dealt in
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The high prices, inadequate supply chain, and presence of insufficient market are the major weakness that affects the future growth and performance of Tesla Motors, Inc. despite its strong brand in the electric vehicles manufacturing. There is a limited market for the Tesla automobiles. The market for the automobile is highly concentrated in the United States despite the availability of the developing world and China market hence the revenue generated is limited. The market expansion of Tesla in other world parts except the United States is attributed to the limited supply of the company. Furthermore, the vehicles with the internal combustion are affordable than Tesla products. The company’s revenues are restricted in the new market due to the high prices. Therefore, the global growth and expansions are the identified weakness that Tesla should …show more content…
Several opportunities can help Tesla Inc. company improve its overall competitiveness and financial standing in the automotive market globally. The opportunities at Tesla include; global expansion of sales, global expansion of supply chain and business diversification. The global expansion of sales must be considered by Tesla as illustrated in its weaknesses. The basis of this opportunity is on the significant growth of the economy of other countries where there is the insignificant presence of the company. The global expansion of supply chain supports the expansion of global sales and production. The business diversification of the organization has improved the performance. Tesla has managed to reduce exposure to automotive market risk through diversification by new businesses establishment. The international expansion benefits are the emphasis of the Tesla’s SWOT analysis

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