Tesla Social Responsibility Case Study

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Corporate Social Responsibility
The Tesla mission statement is to “accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass market electric cars to market as soon as possible”(The Mission of Tesla). The biggest effort we make to give back to the community is the production of our cars that are better for the environment than other car manufacturers. We work to produce zero emission cars that are made from aluminum and plastic that can be recycled repeatedly. Tesla also uses non-toxic batteries that are nearly completely recyclable, in addition to cutting noise pollution with our silent motors.
As a company, we encourage and expect our manufacturers and suppliers to abide by the laws and human rights policies responsibly. To ensure that our suppliers follow the policies required by law, Tesla,
“Evaluate[s] its supply chain to address risks related to conflict minerals, human trafficking and slavery; Audit[s] suppliers, to evaluate supplier compliance
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AS of now we have a lengthy process of deciding whom to work with and use as a producer, but do not know if they are truly working according to the laws. From this, one simple way for Tesla to ensure that all production is done safely and by law is that we can carry out unannounced checks at factories. This way we do not assume all is well in the production of our materials and we can know for a fact if we are doing harm elsewhere. Tesla could also encourage our employees to volunteer outside of Tesla to improve sustainable technologies as well as help other efforts that work towards being more environmentally friendly. This would also include education every employee, rather than just certain ones, on issues such as conflict minerals, human trafficking, slave labor,

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