Tesla Case

Some organizations grow big with time, most of them grow with time because it always takes time to develop an organizational structure and establish a permanent industrial setup, but some industries just grow within a couple of decades. Tesla is one of them. Like all the big business firms and industries, it took only 19 years to compete with the local and international market demands and made a strong position among all the fellow competitors. The company came into existence in the year 1996. Tesla is an American company that designs cars, heaters and rechargeable lithium ion batteries. But here we will focus on the production of batteries. Its setup and research center is located in Connecticut, United States and England and
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Despite all the competitor rivalry with the top consumer producing companies such as Energizer and Duracell batteries, Tesla got funds and investments from Japanese company. This deal helped him a lot in the research and development of his company. Although, Tesla is an American company, but due to the high interest rates such companies find fund raising process difficult.
The unfavorable economic conditions and unfriendly market environment in US makes it hard for the companies to expand their setups. To avert such losses, Tesla moved its setups and expanded them in Malaysia, where the company formed a partnership with a Malaysian electronic manufacturing industry. It not only gave benefits to Tesla Group, but also helped the Malaysian company VSI in enhancing its supply chain. In all the companies where Tesla ships its equipment and products, it mainly leaves a good impact on the supply chain of the shipping company.
Moreover, Tesla is dealing with the high price of its goods as they are quite expensive to fabricate.
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The company’s technology is difficult to copy. Their products are automated and can be easily operated.
Tesla Group till now has confronted many legal issues such patent infringement case on Duracell, Energizer and Samsung, but it never affected its sales and reputation.
Tesla Group is environment friendly and it focuses on manufacturing of highly efficient, less power consuming, noise free environment friendly gadgets and tools. And it also claims that most of the material used in the fabrication of machines is made up of recyclable materials and can be recycled again.
With all the success and fame, Tesla Group still needs to improve and redesign its products, like it did before in a very shorter period of time after it came into existence. The company should also focus on the manufacturing of high efficiency solar panels and self-charging electronic devices for energy

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