Tesla Model S: Evolution In Automobile Engineering

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Tesla Model S is regarded as an “evolution in automobile engineering” (Teslamotors.com, 2015). With its dual motor feature at the front and rear wheels (see Figure 2 above) resulting in “unparalleled traction control in all conditions”, Tesla Model S is a definite enhancement on a usual conventional four-wheel drive system. (Teslamotors.com, 2015)
Every individual Model S is constructed to be lighter, smaller and more efficient to provide both faster acceleration and improve range, enabling the car to go incredibly fast and quick from “0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds” (Tech Insider, 2015).
Another impressive attribute of the Model S is its adaptive Autopilot features that enables self-drive mode. The in-built Version 7.0 Tesla software (see
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(Teslamotors.com, 2015)

The Model S is equipped with a 70kWh battery or an 85kWh lithium-ion battery pack (see Figure 10 below), with a Front Radiator and Heat Exchanger that functions as a cooling system for the battery pack (Larsen, 2013).
Tesla Model S is activated by a sleek Key Fob (see Figure 11 below), which is designed similarly to the shape of the car. This device comprises of the both the back and front trunk and the lock/unlock all function (Tesla Motors, 2012).
The 17’’ touchscreen is connected to most of the car’s functions. Within the function of a swipe or a touch, the device connects the steering wheel controls and the digital instrument cluster seamlessly, integrating different features of the car; communications, , cabin controls, media, navigation and vehicle data. (Tesla Model S, 2012)
The Model S consists of rechargeable batteries in the car itself which runs fully on electricity, instead of gasoline. The charger input comprises of one (standard) or two (optional) chargers that converts AC current from a charging station to DC for charging the high voltage battery. (Tesla Motors Manual,
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Some of them includes successful business executives and entrepreneurs. (Slideshare.net, 2015, pg. 4, para 4)

Tesla’s prospective new target market are people who are in the mid-20s to early-40s, and are middle class working adults. They are also people who are tech savvy and eco-friendly. By having a new target market, it will allow Tesla Motors to continue expanding into the future, and attract more consumers. (Slideshare.net, 2015 pg. 5, para 1)
Tesla Model S has shown to have many advantages for a prospective user. With its unique car features that allows autopilot, parallel parking mode and auto steering as well as the exterior metallic built of Model S coupled with the latest, innovative safety technological aspects for the car, Model S is built for the user to enjoy a revolutionary driving experience on the safest premium electric car model in the world.

Although the Tesla Model S still represents a miniscule segment of the automobile market, the potential demand for is likely to increase in the future. In a recent report by Morgan Stanley, “Tesla has a reasonable chance of rocking the trillion-dollar car industry by flooding the market with fun-to-drive EVs” (Sparks,

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