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Research Project
Brunel International Pathway Centre 12 week Pre-sessional

Used one uk-based company as a case study, analyses to what extent the increasing pressure on business to be more environmentally responsible has affected the company’s marketing strategy.
( I choose Tesco )

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Primary research
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Road and air food miles generated nearly 18m metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2004 - up 6% on the previous year. The increase followed a 15% rise in emissions over the decade to 2002 (www.guardian.co.uk/environment)
“Green labels”:
Green labels may transform food consumption, and Lucy Neville- Rolfe of British retailer Tesco said food’s green labeling show the products impact on the environment can lead to major changes in consumption. Also it’s a scheme would have challenges, and if they were transported to Europe by air, seeking to provide a market for goods from the developing world which maybe rated un favorably. (www.reuters.com/environmentNews )
Tesco have a problem that there’re too much unnecessary packaging of their products, like one pizza, the cost is 4.49 pounds, but it is presented on a polystyrene tray, wrapped in clingfilm, inside a cumbersome cardboard box. “Tesco says it listens to customers, and it's very good at pretending to do just that. But no one was prepared to take responsibility for a simple complaint about its packaging”. (www.independant.co.uk/environment)
As above, Tesco do their best to the environment protection and take a good environment responsibility for the society. In the recycling and the problem of air pollution and maybe some other problem, Tesco all take care of it. Though in packaging, there ‘re some defective of environment. But it claimed that Tesco is successful in environment. And in recent years, the

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