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Assignment 3 – A manuscript – Tesco

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.
First of all I would like to thank you for having me here today. It’s great to see so many beautiful upcoming business people attending at this conference.
My name is Nadia Veis and I’m a PR assistant at Tesco, the world’s 3rd largest retailer after Wal-Mart and Carrefour. I’ve been a representative for the company for about four years now. I’ve been looking forward to give this speech to you guys here at the London School of Economics. Within the next hour you’ll be hearing about some of Tesco's current problems and how we at Tesco efforts to solve them taking the changing consumer behavior into consideration.
Tesco is a multi-billion-pound corporation, which is
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“We don’t want Tesco to be part of well-managed decline; we want this company to be the best in the world.”
In 2010 we had over 15 million members and users of the Tesco Club card. When shopping at Tesco or using Tesco services, Club card holders receive one point for every £1 they spend. Holders can also get extra points on special offers and receive one "Green Club card Point" for every carrier bag they re-use as part of Tesco's green initiative. These points are stored and built up and at least four times a year (there are sometimes "surprise mailings") the holder receives a statement and vouchers to the value of points they have saved. (They have to have saved at least 150 points to receive a voucher). Vouchers can be spent in store on shopping, online on grocery home shopping or direct, or used on Club card Rewards where they can be worth three times their face value on selected Rewards in the U.K. These can be used to obtain discounted day trips, magazines, hotel breaks, restaurant tokens and other offers. Club card holders are also entitled to free access to the Club card clubs which include: baby and toddler club. There is also a facility to save vouchers to be sent near Christmas, similar to a Christmas savings scheme.
Green Club card points are earned when customers re-use bags when shopping in store or opt out of receiving bagged products when

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