Case Study Of Ashley's Life And Work

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Ashley started working as a Tesco night manager in 2005. He worked there for around three years until he decided to leave as he was not seeing his partner much and wanted to be his own boss. On a personal note, his promotion he had been promised was given to a new employee that used to go to the same private school as the store manager.

In 2008 he left Tesco and set up a concrete moulds for computers and ornaments business a small business where he sculpted garden ornaments and made moulds for them so they may be cast in concrete. He then moved on to making polyurethane, polymerized vinyl, fibreglass, and latex moulds for concrete ornaments and bird tables/baths. He initially lived off of his savings, but eventually approached his bank for an overdraft when he won a bigger contract from Manchester, at which point he moved to Rotherham and rented a works unit. This business was viable for three years but due to many of his clients in Rotherham going bust, and bigger businesses coming in and undercutting Ashley, undercutting him with the few customers he had left, he had to move onto another
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He thought that maybe he could use his writing skills to write essays. He started out writing essays for students that he found via his younger sister, and via online essay writing websites that offer anonymity to their student customers. Ashley said, “It is amazing how highly you can score on essays for PGCE courses, drama degrees, childcare NVQS, sociology, clinical psychology degrees and business studies degrees without ANY prior knowledge or education in the subjects. I scored as highly as 2:1 on quite a few essays with just two days of writing about a subject I knew nothing about.” He did this for a while but found it incredibly boring. got bored of it. So, he advertised his writing skills and since 2012 has made a career of writing content for publications and

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