Tesco Business Environment Essay

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Global business environment can be defined as the environment in different countries making on resource use and capabilities which including: the social, politic, regulatory tax, cultural, legal and technological environment.(The international business environment, Leslie Hamilton/Philip Webster, second edition/2012)

Business principles are capital and inflation. In the present Bank of England cut over the capital and most of the Bank is needs external help because their debts is nearly to be junk and most of the business will going to be affected. (www.bbc.co.uk/news/business/)

Description of the company:

Tesco Plc is the 3th company of the global sales of grocery sector than the field
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The strong and most import point for Tesco are the customers. To attract more customers, to give them confidentiality, thrust and health, they build rules: to have all the time the aisles clear, to have a trip sensation and easy way to get what they want. Another strategy are the prices, they comparing all the time the United Kingdom economy on report with people objectives, that is way to create a good price. Strong strategies which help them to develop good services are to do not have queued and great staff (like smile, uniform and communication with customers to obtain a feedback). Finance is a chain between stakeholders, if the people touching good services for customers, they will go to have more benefits like bonus, holidays, privileges cards, shares, savings and earns and also to grow sales faster than costs. Operations for Tesco mean health and safety of jobs and these are the important and crucial goal. To achieve these things they need to have green audits, all staff need to have a induction and trainings regarding right to work, to make easy jobs, to save time and money and to be on right time and right place, and to care on safe all the operations on front of the customers and teams.(www.tesco.com)


a. Explain the nature of UK economic system and how it affects business organisation such as yours

Economy represents the balance between the available resources of the

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