Terry And Tracy Conceived Of Their Second Child Essay

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In 1990, Terry and Tracy conceived of their second child. They had a baby boy and named him Michael. Terry, still consumed in his work life, remained distance from his parent’s and his immediate family. His relationship with Tracy started to become more strained due to the limited time he spent with them. “She always said, I have needs too,” Terry described of Tracy. Reaching the pinnacle of his military career, Terry wanted something less stressful and one that would make for an easy transition into retirement. Due to his hard work ethic and meritorious service, Terry was selected to be a recruiter for the Army, at his 15year mark of service. In 1991, Terry and his family moved to New Jersey, so that he could finish out his last five years recruiting.
Reaching for retirement. In 1992, Terry described this time of his life as very stressful. During the pinnacle of Desert Storm, Terry assumed the role of recruiter in Toms River, New Jersey. The high recruiting demands, coercion of placing new recruits into service during a time of war, and home stress all factored into his turmoil. “This was an extremely stressful moment in my life, and it was supposed to be a cake job”, he exclaimed. Terry not only had his normal business hours of work, but he dedicated a lot of his personal time to “ensure my quotas were met.” The quotas were in place so that if a recruiter did not meet their specified quote for their area, then they could be fired from their recruiter position. To add to…

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