Terrorism Essay

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What Nostradamus saw it Four centuries ago came true on 11 September, 2001? The myth laid shattered, attacks on the financial and military focal points of the United States of America.
The nerve center of the super power was struck. Four commercial airplanes were hijacked. The Flight No. 11 of the American Airlines crash into the 80th floor of the North tower of the World Trade Centre at 8.45am, flight No. 175 of the United Airlines crashing into the 60th floor of WTC and Flight No. 77 of the American Airlines crashing into the west side of the US Department of Defense.
The fourth plane, the United Airlines Flight No. 93, crashed into a lesser strategic location in Pennsylvania. The plane was actually heading towards White House to
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There were several factors behind the remarkable success of the US military campaign, but undoubtedly, the key factor was its revolution in the military affairs. First, to achieve military goals in shortest possible time and space; second, to ensure that your own casualties are kept to bare minimum.
Pakistan was forced by the US administration to act against their friends Taliban's. Pakistan under pressure from US President was forced to take action according to the will of USA. Pakistan was also forced by USA to give them the possession of the four airports to be used by the American Air Force.
Using state-of-the-art weapons, such as predator Global Hawk UAVs, the US military was able to reduce its personnel losses to a bare minimum while enhancing its ability to search, track and attack, even fast moving and small targets. Precision-guided munitions have formed the majority of the arms used in Afghanistan.
Senior Pentagon officials have admitted that despite the apparent military success of operation Enduring Freedom the political outcome seems doubtful in Afghanistan where the various components of Anti-Taliban Northern Alliance are conducting to act bulk of ground operation on behalf of Washington.
The only restraint on Washington might well be its ability to successfully accomplish even while conducting its global war on terrorism This,

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