Terrorism Is In The Eye Of The Beholder Analysis

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‘Terrorism is in the eye of the beholder’ – Critically assess this statement

It is argued that the act of terrorism began during the French Revolution, after the executions of the monarchy, the leading revolutionary group the Jacobins sort to use the guillotine as a method to extract fear in the public and deter enemies. Terrorism/terrorists or any other form of deviant behaviour instils fear into the public and thus can apply stigma to the involved parties, such as the Islamic state/Muslims, a new form of music or new trend. Additionally, this essay will recognize Pauline Hanson’s Senate speech regarding Muslims. This piece also will detail the notion of terrorism, the myths and preconceptions as well as a brief commentary on both domestic and state terrorism. In addition, the main focus of this essay will be on moral panics and how these panics make terrorism fester to be in the eye of the beholder.
Many scholars have attempted to define terrorism, some such as Walter Laqueur who argues that ‘a comprehensive definition of terrorism…does not exist nor
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Cohen (1972-80) recognized the beginning of mass media involvement, this was referred to as the ‘initial deviation or impact phase’. This later lead to the ‘inventory’ stage; this stage relies on how the media portrays similar groups or crazes. A majority of the public form their opinions of what is deviant through “processed or coded images” (Cohen, 1972-80, p. 30), the media also can exaggerate events by using eye drawing headlines and melodramatic language. Although the acts committed by extremist groups such as ISIS receive attention, the ‘exaggeration and use of melodramatic language’ imbeds itself into the public; this allows for wrongful labelling of parties/ethnic minorities involved such as

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