Terrorism And The Security Community Essay

2633 Words Aug 15th, 2016 11 Pages
There are many extremist groups who have certain agendas needing to be carried out. For centuries extreme groups and individuals have committed violent acts to achieve a particular goal. Terrorism is a word that is implied when an attack happens. Defining it can be a very difficult task, due to the amount of definitions scholars consider. Setting a foundation is very important before critically analyzing suicide bombers.
Likewise, exactly what terrorism plus suicide equals in today’s current world is a topic needing such a critical review. One thing for sure is that international and domestic attacks on personnel and infrastructures’ continue to shake the security community. The security community needs not to sleep on this giant. The reason why suicide bombing are important is because the amount of devastation and destruction it can cause. Many people are very injured and a lot of personnel are killed with such an act. Although, understanding these attackers as a whole is very important, suicide extremists will be the entire focus. The reason is because it continues to be a very popular method to attack and cause serious harm to the world. First and foremost, understanding what exactly an aggressor of this magnitude can cause is needed. A sound definition will set the stage of a journey needed answers in order to find a way to prevent future acts from happening. So, how is this act different from other terrorist attacks? Too, this act is very different…

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