Terrorism And Prevention Of Terrorism Essay

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Terrorism and Prevention
Terrorism has become an international problem in the last generation or so.“Terrorism is the use of violence or intimidation in pursuit of political aims”(google). The basic principle of terrorism has not changed, as it is just murder and cause destruction till demands are met, that said we have decided enough is enough and have taken many measures to stop terrorists attacks before they happen.
The major terrorist organisation of my mother 's generation was Al-Qa’edah under the control of the Taliban. Most people have heard of both of those organisations as they began their climb to fame in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. The name Al-Qa’edah means “the base” in arabic, and that word was used because the operation that was being done prior was unorganised and Osama Bin Laden needed a way of organisation(A Biography). Al-Qa’edah joined the taliban in the early half of 1996(A Biography) the same year as Khobar bombing that killed 19 people (Kirkpatrick). Osama Bin Laden has been suspected of orchestrating many bombings in his life, one such attack has made the news again after 19 years are the Khobar bombings. For people who do not know what the Khobar bombings were here is a brief run down a bomb exploded at the Khobar apartment complex and killed 19 people and wounded 400 (Kirkpatrick). This attack was perpetrated by a truck bomb that was spotted by an American airman, Sgt. Alfredo R. Guerrero, who was stationed as a guard on top of the tower…

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