Terrorism And Its Impact On Human Relations Essay

785 Words Dec 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Terrorism has been a phenomenon since the creation of man and colonized Earth. This phenomenon is linked to the existence of social relations between human beings, and linked to the existence of the struggle between right and wrong, good and evil, increase and decrease according to the expansion or contraction of circle of human relations. Abnormalities in human actions and behavior of an individual or a group are existing in all times and ages since time immemorial. So this phenomenon appeared in the oldest civilizations in the universe, and so far, the first act of terrorism and violence showed on the earth 's surface was what happened between Son of Adam; since Cain killed his brother Abel, because of jealousy and envy. In the modern era; it has diversified forms of terrorism, and formed armed gangs, and organized movements with the objectives, beliefs, methods, and ideology were obvious to the international community. Those armed gangs, and organized movements committed the most heinous crimes by the various ways deem appropriate, in order to achieve their objectives, or to publish their ideology in the world. The extremist ideology was grew in the minds of the naive people and were deceived and brainwashed by the perverts, even became a tool in the hands of those terrorists delinquents direct them as they wish. The word terrorism was repeated so much lately, and it became panic to who hears it. Terrorism is an old crime in a new dress, terrorism has many meanings of…

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