Terrorism : A Serious And Extremely Common Crime Essay

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Terrorism is a very serious and extremely common crime in the world today. The evolution of terrorism is very complex, however in the beginning of the twentieth century the most often used method was assasination. Since then, terrorists have displayed much more significant threats and acts of terrorism on different parts of the world. Terrorism is generally defined as the unlawful use of force against persons or property in order to intimidate the government, frighten the civilian population, or coerce a segment of the public to surrender to political and social demands. (Karmen, A.) Terrorists differ from regular criminals because their goals and means are ultimately different. Influencing third parties by extreme measures is one of the main goals of terrorists today. Even though that taking hostages, assassinating political leaders, and bombing political and military targets have been a part of terrorism in the last two centuries, many new methods of terrorism have emerged. (Karmen, A.) Targeting civilians and symbolic areas are more common now than they were in the past. Terrorism tactics have also advanced with the help of new technology and is more common globally because of the new technologies and communications. Suicide bombing have also become more prevalent in today’s terrorism.
Since terrorists commit much different crimes than normal criminals, they have immensely different motives and goals that they try to reach through their acts. There are many motives of…

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