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Enclosure Acts: The Revolution of 1688 confirmed the ascendancy of the Parliament in England over the king. Economically, it meant the ascendancy of the more well to do property-owning classes. The British government was substantially in the hands of wealthy landowners, the “squirearchy”. Many landowners, seeking to increase their money incomes, began experimenting new and improved methods of cultivation and stock raising. An improving landlord, to introduce such changes successfully needed full control of his land. However this was not possible because of the old village system of open fields, common lands, and semi collective methods of cultivation. The old common tights of the villagers were part of the
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He argued that women should have the same voting rights as men.

Robert Owen: He was one of the first social theorists as wells as one of the first cotton lords. Appalled at the conditions of the millhands, he created a kind of model community for his own employees, paying high wages, reducing hours of work, sternly correcting vice and drunkenness, building schools and housing and company stores for the cheap sale of worker’s necessities. He crusaded social reform, in which he was somewhat handicapped, not only by the opposition of the industrialists, but also by his unpopular radicalism in matter of

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