Termination Of Capital Punishment : The Death Penalty, And The Debate About Its Abolition

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Termination of Capital Punishment
Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, and the debate about its abolition is the largest point of the essay written by Steve Earle, titled "A Death in Texas”. This form of punishment should be abolished for 3 reasons; First, It does not seem to have a direct effect on deterring murder rates, It has negative effects on society, and is inconsistent with many American ideals.
To begin, the death penalty is unnecessary since it is ineffective at deterring rates of murder. In fact, 88% of the country 's top criminologists do not believe the death penalty acts as a deterrent to homicide, according to the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. In opposition, supporters may argue that it may indeed help to deter murder rates as they have fallen dramatically over the years and continue to do so. Although, yes, murder rates have fallen, they have fallen for what are believed to be many other reasons that exclude capital punishment and harsh forms of incarceration, but the reasons for the fall of these crime rates are not completely clear and have been theorized about by sociologists, economists, and political scientists and most believe the fall was caused by various economic, social, and environmental changes. There have been attempts at research to discover a correlation; or lack thereof, between capital punishment and murder rates; in terms of rising, falling, or stabilizing, but they have not procured sufficient results to reach a…

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