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JWI 510 Leadership in the 21st Century


In this paper, I will discuss my leadership profile in depth. This will include my experiences and aspirations. I will address how these experiences have impacted be as a leader. Next I will discuss my Leadership strengths and how I plan on augmenting them going forward. I will also detail how Than I will detail my areas of Leadership in need of improvement, and provide a clear-cut action plan for improving these specific areas. With both my areas of strengths and areas in need of improvement, I will discuss how it directly is connected to my DISC profile and emotional intelligence. Following will be a conclusion of what is written in the
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There are many ways to get appointed or voted into a high ranking position. However, those in that position that embody the principles of a high-quality leader go beyond a title or rank. They instill the principles they have found to be effective in others around them through the use of multiple avenues.
Leadership Experience and Goals In Ordway Tead's (1935) The Art of Leadership he described ¨Ten Paramount Qualities of
Leadership¨. A few qualities he described included: * A sense of purpose and direction * Enthusiasm * Decisiveness * Teaching skill
Through my Leadership experiences, I have shown flashes of these qualities. In college before I entered my respective profession, I pledged the Kappa Alpha Psi Inc. Fraternity and joined different organizations on the campus of Claflin University. With my fraternity, I was appointed Guide Right director and Step Master. My role as Guide Right Director was more of a managerial task than that of a leadership one. I organized meetings with local elementary schools to set up mentoring programs for at-risk students. I planned the times each member would attend the school, assigned a student to each member based on their characteristics, and kept track of who was completing their weekly hours. I set the purpose for what we wanted to accomplish a and gave direction to which we would complete the

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