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This paper gives an outline of the developing cybercrime issue and surveys two criminological speculations that have been connected to the investigation of cybercrime and cybercrime exploitation. Enactment which characterizes cybercrimes. Also gives the lawful base to arraigning such wrongdoings has been produced at both the government and state level. Numerous government law requirement orgs have offices that endeavor to battle a wide scope of PC unlawful acts from PC interruptions to licensed innovation burglary. This paper additionally surveys different meanings of cybercrimes and orders these unlawful acts into three general classes. It then goes ahead to analyze the current level of cybercrime exploitation for both
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PCs and the web have ended up interwoven into our day by day lives. One motivation behind why people utilize the web is on the grounds that they can assemble and offer data with different people regardless of where on the globe they are spotted. This headway in the way people can speak with each other, and additionally the diminishing cost and size of PCs, are a percentage of the reasons why web utilization has developed so quickly. Today, the main three sites Google, Microsoft, and Facebook each have more than 300 million interesting clients (Nielson appraisals, 2011). The web permits people to effortlessly discover data, stay in contact with others, and has even brought about better approaches to direct business. People’s utilization of the web and PCs proceeds to develop as more individuals have entry to this innovation. Technology has brought with it much advancement which makes our lives easier; it has also led to advancements in crime.
We will survey current enactment on cybercrime, current law implementation reactions to cybercrime, and arrange diverse types of cybercrime. At that point I give a glance at the levels of cybercrime in Bangladesh and internationally to focus the significance of

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