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(including Federal Truth in Lending disclosures) BUYER
Last Name First Name Ml Name

contract effective as of 10/10/2013 __________________


The words "Buyer", "you", "your", or "yours" refer to each person who signs this contract as a buyer or co-buyer, and to any assignee of this contract. The words "Seller", "we", "our", and "us" refer to the party who made the sale or any assignee currently holding the contract. We agree to sell and you agree to buy the goods and/or services described below in accordance with all terms on both sides and all pages of this contract.


 You are giving a security interest in the goods and/or services purchased. You are giving a cash
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(C) SUBTOTAL = (d + e) (D) AMOUNT FINANCED = (A + B) - C

The terms of this agreement are contained on more than one page and, if this page is printed front/back, are contained on both sides of this page.

Rev 04-04-13

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A. CREDIT SALE; PROMISE TO PAY. You have been given the opportunity to purchase the goods and/or services described above for the immediate payment of the Total Cash Price set forth above. You have agreed instead to purchase these goods and/or services through installment payments made over time and subject to a finance charge. In exchange for the goods and/or services identified on page 1, you agree to pay the Total of Payments according to the payment schedule shown on page 1 of this contract and any other charges provided for in this contract. B. AMOUNT OF INTEREST TO BE PAID. The "Finance Charge" amount reflected in the Truth in Lending Disclosure box on page 1 of this contract assumes that you will make monthly payments of principal and interest on time and as scheduled. To the extent that you make one or more payments late, or early, the total amount of interest that you may pay over the life of the loan may vary from the amount shown. C. INTEREST. Interest is computed on a simple interest basis and begins to accrue on the effective date of this contract, unless otherwise restricted by law or according to other terms as evidenced by a

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