Essay on Tension Between Parents And Children

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Tensions between Parents and Children

I had very conflicting interests of what my success should be five years ago. I had the opinions of what my mother thought I should be and always seem to strive to be what people wanted me to be, versus my authentic self. I’ve got incredibly inspiration over the years by a famous author name Merriam Williamson. She states that “our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate or deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”. The idea of being who you want to be in life and overcoming family dynamics is the basis of Amy Tan awesome story, “Two Kinds”. Likewise “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker shares the same issues of dealing with different cultures and family dynamics. Through the use of symbolism, metaphor, and character development, Tan conveys the idea of how a mother and daughter can be disconnected on social issues regarding success and culture.

Historically, Chinese immigrants had three reasons why the Chinese immigrants wanted to come to the US because they were poor and they wanted to make more money to send back to their poor families. Most importantly, Chinese faced economic hardships in China (Lou, 2005 ). You could be anything you wanted to be in America. You could open a restaurant. You could work for the government and get retirement. You could buy a house with almost no money down. You could become rich. You could instantly become famous. America was where all my mother’s hopes lay. She…

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