Personal Narrative: Team Dance

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It was early on a Saturday morning; the sun had just risen into the atmosphere where it crept into the littlest openings of my worthless binds. The weather was moderate with the temperature ranging from the high sixties to the low seventies. I could smell the damp earth covered in mowed grass mixed with the fallen leaves of the White Oak that embodied the start of fall. The weather was perfect for tennis. But in my mind I felt a nuisance, a bothersome, due to the current deficiency of my restfulness. But I suppose “everything in this life has a purpose” (Kübler-Ross).
Today was the first day of practice for the boys’ tennis team in Sikeston. But before any team members or new members can play tennis as a team, they had to complete the coach’s
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The stretches are done first and are executed in order as if the team remembered it by heart. The team was in sync with each other like a choreographed dance team on ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew), a team dance competition on television. Except for the new members who was struggling to keep up. The stretches consist of: quad, overhead, posterior shoulder, side to side, and toe touches. The stretches are similar to high school physical education. After the five minutes of stretching, the coach gives them the signal to start jogging three laps around the tennis courts. The team captain always stays in front of the team to set a rhythm. “Keeping a steady rhythm will be more efficient and beneficial to the team rather than rushing through the laps” …show more content…
The coach throws the ball up as high as he can. As the ball was falling back down you can see the focus on all four players. Waiting for the bright yellow to fall down, the players got into their athletic stance. The air around them became silent and the only thing that I could hear were the cars that passed by on a nearby street. The ball was falling down towards the short player and when he hit the ball I heard a loud boom from the ball hitting on the other team’s side. It was amazing. The ball was hit so hard that it bounced pass the fence, which was only done by the best player on the team. After the demonstration the coach split the team into double team and let them practice on the overhead

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