Essay on Tennis : History And History

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Tennis: History
The earliest known form of tennis was believed to have been played during the 11th or 12th century by French monks, but this version was played with their hands. Eventually using one’s bare hands became too painful, so the players started wearing gloves, which eventually evolved into a paddle, followed by webbing with a handle. After some time, the game evolved into “Real Tennis”, played upon wooden or stone surfaces. This new version of tennis lead to the creation of the wooden framed racquets with sheep gut strings in the year 1500 and tennis balls were made by stuffing rags into cloth or leather spheres. In the late 18th century tennis began to be played on grass courts and was given the name “Field” or “Long Tennis” and became very popular in the Victorian era. In the 1870s the tennis ball was remade with rubber and a layer of fabric. In 1873 a version made by a man named Walter C. Wingfield was patented, but the court didn’t resemble a modern tennis court and the official rules were not made until 1875. After the 1940s acrylic courts began to be used along with synthetic grass and eventually a rubber mat surface. In 1972 yellow tennis balls were introduced by the ITF. Modern technology has led to the creation of high-tech composite frame rackets and ball tracking technology such as the Hawk-Eye Machine which make the referee’s call more accurate.
The first Tournaments established and played were; Wimbledon 1877; Male US Opens 1881; Female US Opens 1887;…

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