Temptation And Revenge Essay

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Temptation and Revenge In Rappacini’s daughter, Hawthorne shows the rivalry between two scientists and the death of an innocent daughter. In addition, Hawthorne explains the fall of Giovanni when he moves to another city and finds himself in a garden full of lust. Beatrice, innocent, beautiful, and yet poisonous, she didn’t her flesh and beauty would be hazardous to the man she loved, Giovanni. Hawthorne also used symbolic allusions in the tale.
Baglioni is a well-respected professor of medicine at the University of Padua, but, when Baglioni burned the name of Dr. Rappaccini, the rivalry was clearly shown between the two scientists. Baglioni true intentions are seen when Martin writes “Baglioni cares more about vanquishing his rival than he cares for the welfare of Giovanni and Beatrice” (91). Baglioni warns Giovanni that Rappaccini is evil and that he would sacrifice human life, including himself, in his experiments. Was Baglioni truly warning Giovanni about Rappaccini’s works or was he just trying to burn his rival scientist? Baglioni didn’t care much about Giovanni, but he wanted revenge because it seems that Rappaccini was clearly a better scientist than he was. Baglioni wanted to get rid of Rappaccini so he used Giovanni for his evils works. Baglioni describe Rappaccini as an evil scientist but with the works that Baglioni did also represent evil. It seems that Baglioni got his revenge, when Beatrice drank the antidote that Baglioni gave Giovanni.
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