Temporary Partial Disability Report


The health of our employees is a high priority of the AKW Electrical Contractors. When an employee experiences a work-related injury and/or illness, we are endowed to assist employees to return to work as safe and as soon as possible.

We have enacted a Return-to-Work program that is designed to assist injured or sick employees return to work promptly, and aid in the healing process. This program depends on the effort of the employee, our insurance company, the treating healthcare provider, and supervisors, and management.

Our program is in effect to incorporate temporary light transitional-duty jobs that consist of some type of modification to the original job, a different job, or several part-time tasks combined into one job. At
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Temporary Total Disability – The employee cannot work but can eventually return to work with full or partial recovery.

Permanent Partial Disability – The employee is permanently and partially disabled, having achieved maximum possible improvement but not a full recovery.

The company will determine the availability of work. If a modified job assignment is available and if the employee is capable of performing the specific type of work involved. The company reserves the right to assign and transfer injured employees to different jobs and will use the following guidelines to determine pay based on the work being performed:

Partial Disability

If the nature of the work-related disability is such that the employee can perform, to the company’s satisfaction, their normal job assignment, they will be returned to their normal assignment and receive their normal rate of
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Injured or ill employee must present medical information a written medical diagnosis and prognosis from the treating healthcare provider to the representative of employee health.
2. The company will communicate to the treating healthcare provider the availability of modified duty for the employee and explain the limitation of those positions if available.
3. Treating healthcare provider shall complete a work status or modified duty evaluation form and comment objectively on what medical restrictions apply and the employee’s ability to complete tasks.
4. Medical restrictions will be reviewed and matched to available job tasks to develop the modified duty assignment
5. Management will authorize the modified duty assignment.
6. Officers over the area of modified duty job will confirm knowledge of the medical restrictions and the scope of the modified duty.
7. Employee will be trained in the modified duty job assignment by overseeing officers of the modified job tasks.
8. Employee will accept modified duty assignments and perform the job tasks as

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