Templeton Carvans Swot Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… The PMS should have clear measures and objectives such as improved levels of customer’s satisfaction or training attended. It should also allow for the development of a talent pool through continuous learning and backed up by incentives and reward that retain talent and motivate performance improvement.
Most importantly it should facilitate continuous formal and informal learning and promote a learning orientated culture. 5. IMPLEMENTATION
Successful implementation of a strategic PMS at Templeton Caravans requires organizational preparation and leadership at many levels together with a holistic approach across both businesses.
Past learning shows that organizational structure, culture and environment can encourage or discourage the success of a KMS or PMS. Hence it is important to know and manipulate accordingly the internal and external environment in which they operate. Six steps for a PMS implementation (Mucha, 2011) were adapted for Templeton Caravans and included in Appendix B. 6. APPENDICES

SWOT Analysis for “The Great
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Make the Case for Performance Management: give specific reasons for the changes to the PMS that focus on learning (for example customer’s feedback surveys and declining sales) and get the involvement of Templeton Caravan leadership. 2. Identify how the PMS will be used by explaining what the company is trying to achieve both short and long term (for example to increase the level of customer service) and what processes are involved. 3. Modify existing processes to accommodate PMS by showing how PMS goals are part of the bigger picture (specific training needs are identified via testing and gaps are closed through the required learning and training which should improve performance thus achieve specific goals); also how goals and processes will be monitored and controlled. 4. Develop Measures that fit the business- provide clear measures for outcomes (for example level of customer satisfaction post

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