Tell Tale Heart Annotation

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My body shuddered in agony, as I desperately gasped for air. My mother awoke, as she noticed pus-filled, blood sacs on my abdomen. She shrieked, as it appeared the life was being pulled out of me. Immediately, my mother sprinted to the town doctor, who had recently flown in within minutes. The physician injected me with a clear substance, as my body became relaxed. The darkness continued to swallow the town, as I became conscious. The insect that injected me with its poison still remains unknown. If the doctor had delayed by a few minutes, there is a margin of possibility that I would not be here today. This experience is one of the terrifying times of my life, as I did not know if I would make it another day. Until this day, the …show more content…
An insect injecting me with its putrid poison frightens me, as it might try to take my life again. We all have fears, that consume us at times. In the short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe a man’s guilty conscience plummets his mind into madness, murder, and eventual confession. A psychopath becomes mentally unstable, as he begins to obsess over his master’s pale blue eye. Furthermore, the psychopath comes to believe that the eye is …show more content…
His guilty conscience reaches his mind, as he can no longer endure the pain. The psychopath confesses his deed, as the police officers awe in shock. Law enforcement finds the mangled body as their eyes tear with deception and disturbance. The psychotic murderer feels guilt for his actions and confesses. The killer commits murder, but experiences remorse and confesses to the authorities. One of the themes in “The Tell-Tale Heart” is a murderer can actually have remorse for his victim, especially when the crime committed is because of madness itself, not personal hatred. “Yes, it was this! One of his eyes resembled that of a vulture—a pale blue eye, with a film over it” (Poe, par. 2). It was not the old man that the killer hated; it was his eye. This obsession with his eye leads to a well-planned, methodical murder, in which the murderer feels remorse for the deed but cannot stop it or his own madness from occurring. “I loved the old man. He had never wronged me” (Poe, par. 2). In this quote, the author comments that the psychopath did not have personal hatred towards his master, as he had never been betrayed by his master. Likewise, the only reason for which the psychopath murdered

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