Television 's Portrayal Of Gender Identity Essay

836 Words Apr 4th, 2016 4 Pages
Every time one sits down with his or her family to watch television, they are constantly bored with the same predictable format of characters on every show: a black person who is either lazy or extremely skilled at basketball, an an asian man who is either very smart or a master at karate, and a latino person who is on welfare or dances very well. After seeing this we come to the question, does television work to break common stereotypes that have been set by American society with regard to race? While television has the ability to portray all people with equal regard, studies have confirmed that it does not always do it. Many times, television actually enforces these stereotypes by its portrayal of minorities, and also the roles into which they are cast on many dramatic and comedic sitcoms. The portrayal of different ethnic characters within television shows create a certain racial identity that influences viewers to perceive several racial groups with specific negative stereotypes. This occurs through television by legitimizing its characters, reinforcing said opinions through “portrayal power”, and creating role models that affects self-image. Television creates a linkage between reality and fiction, creating a whole different reality to pursue. For many people, the link between real life and TV 's version of life is relevant to their perceptions of the concepts of race and ethnicity all together. Robert Lichter, Professor of Communications at George Mason University,…

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