Essay about Television 's Influence On Public Opinion

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May 201Crime Show Influence on Public Opinion
There are many factors that affect the way the public views crime. Primetime crime television shows depict crime in a way that makes it easy for the public to misinterpret the message and disproportionally depict racial minorities as criminals and Whites as victims (Mastro, 2009). Crime shows underscore certain forms of criminal activity and whatever character plays the criminal, unfortunately, is what the public sees as true. Research on stereotyping in the United States reveals continuous prejudice among Whites that characterizes Blacks as violent and aggressive (Mastro, 2009). Exposing the public to racial stereotypes in the media greatly influences the public, regardless of whether they are aware of it or not. Those same stereotypes are the ones that then affect the opinions of many in the real world. These misinterpretations make it easy to wrongfully categorize someone as a criminal, and all because of crime shows and their strong influence on peoples’ perspective.
The Media
The media is our main supplier of information, so images and events depicting various ethnicities committing certain crimes have the capability to influence the judgments of the public. There are two main forms of television shows that may affect public opinion about crime: news shows…

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