Television 's Impact On The Media Essay

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Internet television started out in 2007 as websites like Netflix and Hulu were created to provide television shows for convenient watching. However, since then it has become increasing popular, making it possible to watch almost every show on demand and on the go. Internet television is has been taking the world by storm for the last seven years but is it going to take over television as we know it? Not only are shows from well-known broadcasting channels available on these platforms, but also original content made specifically for them. Every type of televised content can now be found online in some capacity from the most popular, prime time show to the local news broadcast almost, everything ends up online for future viewing. A report from the Pew Research Center showed that in the 18 to 29 year olds range nine in ten watch online videos and six in ten out of all adults in the United States watch that over videos online (Olmstead et al.). These statistics show that the majority of people already uses the internet to watch videos so using it to watch all of the content they visually consume would not be that large of a jump. Reasons why the internet will put traditional television out to pasture start with the price.
The price difference between traditional and internet based television is quite astonishing. Last year in 2013 the average price of basic service, according to the Federal Communications Commission, was $22.63 a month, for expanded basic service it an average…

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