Television 's Impact On Children Essay

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For my annotated bibliography, I have chosen the topic of Telecommunication History, more specifically, television. I will be looking at how television has impacted society since its debut in 1927. More specifically, I will be looking at the effect television has had on children. The idea that television may play a role in children’s behaviour is a very controversial topic.

There are some key factors that determine whether or not a television program has any effect on children. The first one is whether or not the program depicts violent scenes. Seeing violence on television negatively impacts children by teaching them that the violence shown is considered to be acceptable in society.

Another key factor that determines whether or not a television program affects the behaviour of children is if it is an educational program (a program that teaches the child something) or an entertainment program (mainly humorous or violent content). Children that watch educational programs are more likely to succeed in mathematics and sciences later on in life.

The final key factor in determining whether or not television viewing has an effect on a child’s behaviour is if the program shows sexual content or not. Television programs that depict sexual content mainly influence young boys.

Research Questions:
1. How has television changed the world?
2. How has television impacted society?
3. How has television impacted the way society acts?
4. How has television altered the way children…

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