Television Violence Affecting Children 's Behavior Essay

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Tv Violence Affecting Children’s Behavior
TV violence can affect behavior in children 's and can cause them to have a violent behavior, how is this caused and how prevent or stop it? Violent behavior can be caused by how much violence there is on TV. Then children start to get influenced by what being shown and start repeating the action and can, later in life affect on their action that they learn from those violent things that come out on a screen. Tv violence and violent behavior in children, can be caused by the violence that they watch therefore, It can be caused and prevented by in a few ways such as influence, parental control, and concern other people.
Amount of television that children watch that have violence, can affect the child because they get influenced by the actions. For example, children watching the violence on a screen, it increased violence in behavior. The reason why it causes a bigger impact it is grabbing their attention much faster. Murder, robberies and etc. are not the only thing that can cause violent behavior, but gossip even backstabbing can cause a child to have an aggression, which has been shown on tv and it can hurt others. "Children between the ages of 4 and 10 become what they see; Whether it 's on TV or is the streets”. A child does become what they see if they see it on tv they start acting the same way by trying to imitate the behavior. They also see it in their parents, for example, if the parents start an argument and one of them gets…

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