Television : The Reality Of Reality Essay

1822 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
Television, like film, always was after realistic features. It is in human nature that we look for similarities and judge what is shown to us for its realistic feature. Realism. A concepted in television which has been a key role in how television was constucted to what is television now.As years went by, the real world starts to be recreated in TV more and more accurately. On another hand, as years passed, this realism chase also brought out how problematic it is to suggest that television ’reflects’ reality. Does it reflects how we live our lives or does is construct a reality to be followed? Television uses the principles of realism in Reality Shows like Big Brother as claims to 'reflect ' reality.
Realism in texts is often marked as being a claim to fiction while 'non-fiction ' texts would claim to 'the real '. However, most texts are a claim of realism rather than 'the real ' as television remains a representation of the real world. Television will never be of direct access. Is it real? Do they actually live like that? Do they really do that? Think that? Is it true? Those questions always float around, whether it is unconsciously or not. It is only human nature to ask those question. Anything out of the norm will trigger a sense of discomfort. In the same way, statements like 'The act is too exaggerated ' or 'The situation is too dramatic ' reflects how there is an expectation to realism. These expectations grew as the techniques were ameliorated leading to…

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