Essay about Television : Television And Television

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There is no doubt that Americans love to watch television and spend hours of time on their phones. In the article “Television”, Jeff Ousborne states “Over the last sixty years, no pop culture medium has done more to shape American life than television” (243). Instead of comprising a daily schedule before, now it is a schedule of a favorite show. Not having at least one television set in homes these days is unheard of. If we are greatly interested in a t.v. series, we will spend a great deal of time attempting to finish a season to see the next season without missing information. In our current generation, phones seem to be more of a necessity rather than a luxury, consequently we are always on our phones. It is engraved in our lives and as a result, become compulsively attached to it. On our phones, we become focused as a hawk, but take it away, and we suddenly feel like zombies craving brain.The effect and easy accessibility of shows on television and of video on our personal electronic devices in most American homes increases the amount of entertainment we watch, expands our knowledge, creates opportunities to bond with others, but also reduces time to talk to peers face-to-face.
Television is one of the more practicable main hubs of entertainment. There’s a plethora of programs to suit any kind of viewer, from reality to straightforward cartoon’s. One of the more practical uses of a TV is to bypass boredom, which is also the most common. Others, however use it to escape…

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