Television Shows Have A Negative Impact On Our Society Essays

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In a popular TV show “Bones”, lead character Dr. Brennan Bones, socially awkward, but brilliant anthropologist, believes that reality television show “Jersey Shore” is actually a documentary about a tribe called “Guidos”. Although she is mistaken about the genre of that show, her assumptions about their language and customs is not far off. Using the same observation methods, future anthropologists might conclude that the basic human need for entertainment hasn’t changed since gladiator games in Rome, and that people are willing to do anything for money. There is a lot of information that future anthropologists can gather from reality television, but the truth is, it is misleading because most of it, if not all, is scripted. A better question is, do reality TV shows have a negative impact on our society, or do they actually have some benefits. Most common trait people notice about reality game show’s celebrities such as Survivor, is their greed for money and willingness to do anything to out clever their opponents. In 2003 Jon Dalton, known as Johny Fairplay a contestant of Survivor, before leaving to compete on the show, told his best friend that if the friend were invited to the island as part of the loved-one-related challenge, to tell Dalton that his grandmother had passed away. When Dalton’s friend arrived to the island and told him about his grandmother, it convinced other contestants to vote against their own family members to help Dalton win that challenge. Dalton…

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